Thursday, August 4, 2011

Our Routine

Something has happened to me that I never thought possible. I never even imagined it to be possible because it was that ridiculous. I am sort of obsessed with cloth diapering..

Whaaaaaaa, you say?

Well, it all started like this.
All my life if someone mentioned cloth diapers i thought "gross.ew.sick. what is wrong with you? that is disgusting.. are you mental. do you really want poop all over you." etc - you get the picture. Then some people I knew considered it. Then I read some blog posts, which resulted in reading alot of blog posts. Then I considered it. And that folks, right there, is where is all started getting pretty crazy, pretty fast. I was intrigued. There is an entire cloth diapering community that I never even knew about. And it is Awesome. Jake gave me money for mothers day to spend on some diapers so that I could try it out and see what I thought. I thought, and thought, and thought about it for a very long time because there are so.many.options. In the end, I found some cheap ones off of ebay from a company in China and I figured if I didn't end up liking then I hadn't really spent that much money, so oh well. But they came, I tried them, and fell in love.

Fell in love with a diaper? Isn't that a little dramatic? Probably. But it's true. I think they are fantastic! Heres why:

1. They are adorable (pictures will come, hold your horses)
2. You really do save money with them. I think you can save alot of money on diapers by using generic brands, but you still save lots of  money by doing cloth. You make an initial investment, and then you never have to worry about whether you have diapers to last you the rest of the month/week/day. I think by the time I finish getting my diaper stash (I want to get a few more and try out a few more kinds) I will have spent around $200. Thats it. for the rest of the time Hadley is in diapers. Can you imagine if I would have started when she was brand new and only spent that much TOTAL? so great.
3. They help out the environment, and we could all help out a little more in that department. It makes me feel good that I am trying to help keep diapers from piling up for hundreds of years in landfills. 
4. They give me this irrational warm fuzzy feeling. I'm crazy, I know.
5. They are SO much easier than I thought they would be. allow me to explain.

My routine in disposables for a wet diaper:
1. take off diaper
2. fold it up 
3. put new diaper on
4. throw diaper away

Simple, right?

My routine in cloth for a wet diaper:
1.take off diaper
2. set diaper aside/take insert out depending on the kind of diaper
3. put new diaper on
4. throw diaper in wet bag

Same thing. But I know what you are thinking - What about the poop, right?

My routine in disposables for a poopy diaper:
1. take off diaper
2. wipe baby bum
3. stash wipes in diaper
4. put on new diaper
5. throw diaper away

My routine in cloth for a poopy diaper:
1. take off diaper
2. spray with wipe solution - use cloth wipe to wipe baby bum
3. stash wipes in diaper
4. put on new diaper
5. flush liner with poop on it down the toilet
6. throw diaper in wet bag

Seriously - one more step? So.easy. And honestly the routine of everything flows perfectly with everything else I have going on. I keep the diapers in my wet bag (it is waterproof and keeps the smell in) and then, at the end of about two days, I unzip the bag and toss it in the wash without even unloading the diapers. Everyones wash cycle is different, but I do a hot cycle with detergent (you only need about 1/3 of what you use on your normal laundry. too much detergent will cause buildup and your diapers wont be as absorbent), a cold cycle with detergent, and then i usually do a quick cold rinse to make sure all the detergent is out. I do this usually at night or first thing in the morning and then I take it all out and line dry it in the sun. Less money spent on electricity, diapers last longer, AND any stains leftover are bleached by the sun. I love it. Then once everything is dry it takes about 3-5 minutes to re-stuff the liners in the pocket diapers so that they are ready to go. It's honestly no more work than doing normal laundry.

some of the diapers, inserts, and wet bag hanging out to dry

Now, since this post is already ridiculously long, lets make it longer and show you what kinds of diapers we use around here.

Like I said earlier, there are SO many options in cloth diapering. But it's great because different kinds work for different people! For a great summary of different kinds of diapers, check out this girls posts on cloth diapering her twins. she gives some great info. As for us, right now we have pocket diapers with microfiber inserts, and covers with prefolds.

the different kinds we have

I have this brand that i found on ebay -I think its called GrapeApple- and I decided on these because they were so cheap. I got 10 with 10 inserts for about 53 dollars (and free shipping) which makes them about 5 dollars a diaper. And compared to 20 dollars a diaper, they seemed pretty appealing. So far I've loved them. No leaks, no problems. I'm sure there are better quality ones that I might like better, but I can't miss what I've never had, right? I also recently bought some Cuteybaby's while they were at Costco, and so far they have worked awesome too. I've been using them at night because they seem to be pretty absorbent. Only downside is the rise in the back is a little low, and I worry about the velcro not holding up. So far no problems though.

This picture, and the ones above it, are Hadley in the GrapeApple brand of pocket diapers. 

some of the other prints from cuteybaby

Right now I am trying out my thirsties Duowrap cover with the prefold they sent and I really like it! I love this route because The wraps are about 13 dollars on amazon, and you can get a good prefold for 1-2 dollars. Cheap! Whats even better about this is as long as its only a "wet" diaper, you can dump the prefold in the wetbag, and re-use the cover. Even more money saved! I am currently saving up my Swagbuck Amazon gift cards (so that I don't have to use any of my own money) and I plan on getting some more covers and prefolds to add to my stash. 

 Thirsties wrap

I am now using liners and love them. You don't have to use them, you just have to "knock" the poop off into the toilet before it goes into your wet bag. *before you start solid foods, if your baby is still breastfeeding 100% of the time, you don't have to do anything with the poopy diapers. Breastmilk poop is water completely water soluble and will just magically wash away* I was fine with doing this, but the liners are cheap (I got mine- 100 for about 6 bucks. Although I used my Swagbucks, so it was only a dollar) and they make the cleanup so much quicker. You simply lay the liner on top of everything before putting the diaper on, and then when you change the diaper, throw it in the toilet and flush!

There are certain laundry soaps you can't use with cloth diapers, so many people have to use special kinds for theirs. Luckily, I make my own, and you can use it on the diapers. Cheap and extremely effective. When I wash the diapers I put some drops of tea tree oil in the water just as a disinfectant. 

We are, at this point, cloth diapering about 90% of the time. I was using disposables at night, and then for babysitting or in emergencies. But now that I have the Cuteybabys, I use those at night and cut down on the disposables we need to have on hand. We still have 2 boxes of diapers left and hopefully we wont have to buy any more. I will use out our size 3 box for times when we need to leave her with a babysitter or if for some reason we are going somewhere where we need to use them? And then I will just trade the other box in for a size 4 and that will hopefully last us through any emergencies!

In closing...
Sorry this post was insanely long. Congrats if you are actually still reading this! (which I am assuming not many are). I just wanted to get it out there that Really and truly. If you are even considering it - Just try it. The worst thing that can happen is that you keep them on hand in case you run out of disposables and don't get paid for a week. And if you really hate them, wash em in some bleach and sell the suckers! Lots of people are interested in used cloth diapers. But really, give it a shot. I love it so much more than I thought I would and I am glad I jumped in and tried it. 

And now, I'm gonna go crash like this little one and take a well needed nap (that is if that little one will actually go to sleep...)
Night, all!

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