Monday, September 12, 2011


I know, It's been forever since I posted. But to tell the truth I didn't think people really cared about this lil' blog. But just for you Kristin, I will update.

Actually I have been meaning to update for a couple weeks now. I found some "seconds" (meaning they have minor imperfections.. but honestly I haven't found a single thing wrong with any of them) of the Flip covers in the clearance section here and I got all sorts of excited. I really have been wanting to try some more covers to see how they compared to pocket diapers, and I have to say I am a BIG fan.

I had a picture of all the stuff I bought but it looks like I deleted it before uploading. So above is just a picture off the website of what they look like, and then Hadley at the zoo wearing the "noodle" color. I bought 4 covers, 2 3-packs of the organic inserts (they were also on clearance, and plus I've been wanting more organic materials due to some ammonia problems we've been having... more on the in the next post) and some prefolds. Love me some prefolds. So I have been using those a TON the past couple weeks and it has been so great. I use them pretty much always when we got out places rather than the pocket diapers because I have to pack less. I bring 1-2 back up covers and then some prefolds or inserts and I only have to change the cover if she poops. Otherwise I just switch out the insert/prefold, and we got on our merry way.

Easy, easy, easy. As of today they only have a light purple color left in the clearance section. They have them for $9 when normally they are $14. So if you have a little girl and want to check it out - check it out. Otherwise they are totally worth the $14 dollars. I plan on checking around and looking at some other covers that are possibly cheaper for the next baby we have (not anytime soon), but I am pretty set on getting more of these next time around.


  1. I heart your blog! I'm hosting 3 fab giveaways {Lush Nuts, Namaste & Enjoy hair care} & thought you would be interested!

    P.S. I'm now following you on GFC :)

  2. Don't give up! You all natural mommas amaze me! I don't really make laundry or cloth diaper but I would love to try it sometime and plenty of women don't even know where to start- including me haha